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The Wiltshire village of Seend lies on and around a hog's back ridge in the triangle formed by Melksham, Devizes and Trowbridge.  Seend today has a population of just over 1,000, only a little larger than in 1801, when reliable records of population began.  The inhabitants live in five more or less separate clusters, derived from distinct medieval settlements:


The Street - lying along the top of the ridge, and containing the Church, the School, the Post Office and most of the bigger houses

Sells Green and Martinslade - at the eastern end of the northern valley

Seend Cleeve - on the western extension of the ridge

The Stocks - half-way down the road leading towards Trowbridge

Seend Head - where the ridge forms a sort of promontory at the south-western end of the parish.  The buildings scattered along the southern valley are the remains of a sixth cluster, known as Inmarsh (originally Henmarsh).


Taken from Seend, A Wiltshire Village Past and Present by Edward Bradby  .










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