Seend Parish Council

The Agenda


The Agenda for the next  Parish Council meeting on Tuesday 25th July 2017 will be displayed on all notice boards, and will appear on this page at least three days prior to the meeting.  



1.      Apologies for absence  

2.      Declaration of Lobbying

        (i)     Declaration of changes to the Register of Interests

        (ii)    Declaration of interest in items on the Agenda

        (iii)   Requests for Dispensation

3.      Police Matters

4.      Local Councillor’s Matters

5.      Seend Settlement Boundary Changes

6.      Items for discussion from members of the Parish  

7.      Chairman’s comments

8.      Minutes of the previous meeting and Confirmation of Confidential minutes

        both held on 27th June  

9.      Matters arising not already on the agenda

10.    Community Land Trust

11.    Neighbourhood Plan

12.    Seend Parish Council Complaints Policy & Vexatious Complaints Policy

13.    Highways/Rights of Way

14.    Defibrillator

15.    Area Board & CATG

16.    Aster Homes

17.    Parish Steward

18.    Planning matters:

        Application Number: 17/04438/FUL

        Site Location: Windsmere Stone and Granite Ltd Sells Green Seend

        Proposal: Erection of storage and workshop building.

        Application Number: 17/05288/FUL

        Site Location: 15 The Lye Seend Melksham Wiltshire SN12 6PB

        Proposal: Provide dropped kerb.


        Application Number: 17/07052/TCA

        Site Location: Brow Cottage Seend Hill Seend Melksham SN12 6RU

        Proposal: Hawthorn - Fell


19.    Correspondence

20.    Financial Matters:  

        a)Cheques for Signatures

            Water2business                    £31.15   Allotment Water bill

            SLCC -                                  £93.00   Membership Renewal

            Seend Lye Recreation Field £20.00   Room Hire for CLT meeting

            Mrs F Johnson                      £20.00   Reimbursement for J Tilley invoice

            Mrs S Bond                           £366.29 Clerk’s July Salary

            Mr T Cherrett                        £11.70   Travel Expenses CLT Meeting


         b)Bank reconciliation to end of June 2017    

21.      Two Councillor Vacancies

22.      Items for note

23.      Date of next meeting             Tuesday 29th August 2017 at 7.30pm