Seend Parish Council

The Agenda


The Agenda for the next  Parish Council meeting on Tuesday 29th May 2018 will be displayed on all notice boards, and will appear on this page at least 3 working days before the meeting.


Please Note:

Items for Discussion from Members of the Parish must be submitted to the Clerk  7 days before the meeting date.  Any requests to speak on an agenda item must also be submitted to the Clerk 3 days in advance of the meeting, otherwise Parishioners are not allowed to take part in discussions on any agenda items,

unless specifically asked to do so by the Chairman.



1      Apologies for absence  

2      Declaration of Lobbying              

       (i)     Declaration of changes to the Register of Interests

       (ii)    Declaration of interest in items on the Agenda

       (iii)   Requests for Dispensation

3      Local Councillor’s Matters

4      Items for Discussion from Members of the Parish

5      Minutes of the Previous meetings held on 24th April 2018

6     Matters Arising not already on the agenda

7     Police Matters -

8    Highway Matters  -

        • Resident to speak about Highway issues on High Street

        • Highways sub-committee report/action plan

        • CATG – Elect new Councillor Rep

        • High Street re-patching update        

        • Update on Church Crossing and Bell Hill crossroads (if any)

9     Neighbourhood Plan

10    CLT update

11    Area Board

12     Planning Matters

Application Ref:  Premises License Application

Site Location: Appleyard, 54 Sells Green, Seend SN12

Proposal:  Application for sale of alcohol on and off premises between hours of 10am-9pm  Monday to Sunday.


Application Ref: 18/03622/FUL

Site Location: Equestrian Heights, Berhills Lane, Seend SN12 6RR

Proposal: Retention of existing log cabin to provide holiday accommodation primarily in connection with equestrian business


Application Ref: 18/03893/FUL

Site Location: Inmarsh House, Inmarsh Lane, Seend SN12 6RX

Proposal: Change of use of building to annex and/or tourist accommodation


Application Ref: 18/04474/TCA

Site Location: Three Ways, Spout Lane, Seend SN12 6PE

Proposal:-  T1 – Willlow Tree - Fell


Application Ref: 18/04038/FUL

Site Location: Tawny Cottage, 45 Seend Cleeve, SN12 6PU

Proposal: Erection of single storey rear extension

Application Ref: 18/03912/FUL

Site Location: The Lodge Church Lane Corner High Street Seend SN12 6NR

Proposal: Proposed Single Storey Extension


Application Ref: 18/04236/LBC

Site Location: The Lodge Church Lane Corner High Street Seend SN12 6NR

Proposal: Proposed Single Storey Extension

Application Ref: 18/04172/FUL

Site Location: 2 Bradley View, Bath Road, Seend SN12 6RH

Proposal: Proposed conversion of garage into ancillary accommodation with new cladding and log burner and new decking.


Application Ref: 18/04326/FUL

Site Location: Coryton, 13 Seend Cleeve, Seend SN12 6PS

Proposal: Proposed Replacement Double Garage


13     Rights of Way – Elect a Footpath Councillor Rep

14     Correspondence

15     Financial Matters:  

       a) Cheques for Signatures

          Mr J  Goman               £ 13.96      Copies of Good Councillor Guides

         Camelot Media           £ 18.00      Amendments to Website

         Seend Lye Red Field  £ 16.00      Room Hire for Annual P Meeting

         Mrs S Bond                 £535.65     Clerk May Salary

         Community First          £ 40.00     Membership


        b)   Bank Reconciliation to end of April  2018

        c)   Accounts as prepared by DCK Beavers - Approval  


15     External Auditors Certificate of Exemption from limited assurance



16     Annual Return – Approval of Governance Statement (tbc)


17     Annual Return – Approval of Accounting Statement (tbc)


18     Items for note


19     Date of next meeting             Tuesday 26th June 2018 at 7.30pm