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Clerk Vacancy

Spring 2022

The current clerk is looking to step down from the role at the end of this financial year (end March).

This is a paid position with salary, working 12 hours a week, from your own home.   The role requires excellent administration and writing skills, minute taking (not as bad as you might think!), good communication skills and account management using excel spreadsheets.   An eye for detail and accuracy is essential.  Personal qualities of integrity, discretion, objectivity, and impartiality are key to the role.

A job description and application form are now on the PC website.   We would hope to interview in late January/early February and for the successful candidate to start at the very beginning of March so that a reasonable handover period is given.  Completed application forms to be sent to the Clerk.

If there is anyone who may be interested and would like to find out more, please get in touch with the clerk, either by email or phone.    She will be happy to discuss what the role entails.      There is a job description and application form on the attachments below. 

It is a perfect part time job that can be fitted around family or retired life, as you work from home and do the 12 hours at the times to suit.   Some weeks are busy than others. 


Tel: 07706 850859