Seend Parish Council

Planning Applications


Listed below are planning applications in Seend Parish, and the date by which observations should be submitted to Wiltshire Council Planning Department:.  Details of these applications can be viewed in full on Wiltshire Council's website:


Please note that from 1st August 2017, Seend Parish Council will no longer receive paper copies of any planning applications in its Parish.   We will be given the link to the planning application so that we can look on-line.




Application Ref: 19/02003/TCA

Site Location: Seend House, High Street SN12 NR

Proposal: T1 Mulberry Crown reduce by 40%

T2 Beech - Fell


Comments by: 21 March 2019



Application Ref: 19/01663/VAR

Site Location: Thatched Cottage, Baldham, Seend SN12 6PW

Proposal: Variation of condition 3 of planning permission E/2011/1685/FUL to allow occupation of the annexed accommodation as a separate dwelling.


Comments by: 26 March 2019


Application Ref: 19/02269/FUL

Site Location: The Old Station Yard, Station Road, Seend

Proposal: Retrospection planning permission for the continued B2 and B8 use of the western land and for the siting of existing containers and structures.


Comments by: 9 April 2019


Application Ref: 19/02411/FUL

Site Location: 54 Sells Green, Seend SN12 6PF

Proposal: Proposed single storey extension


Application Ref: 19/02967

Site Location: Nornour, High Street, Seend SN12 6NR

Proposal: T1 Maple - reduce by 2.5m and reshape. T2 Conifer - fell


Comments by: 13 April 2019




Seend Parish Council approved a Pre Planning protocol giving guidelines on how the Parish Council should respond to planners seeking early engagement on proposed housing developments.    The protocol contained 10 commitments for effective pre-application engagement.   Place Studios advised that it was good practice to have a protocol in place ready for when the Parish Council might be approached by developers.






Guidance Notes for commenting on planning applications:  


Please click on the link for guidance on what material considerations can be used to comment on a planning application:































CTIL 124081 Consulation Letter to Cllr J. Seed CTIL 124081 Pre Con Drawings CTIL 124081 Consultation Plan v.6 Material-Planning-Considerations Seend Parish Pre-App Protocol (NPPF2018)