Seend Parish Council

Planning Applications


Listed below are planning applications in Seend Parish, and the date by which observations should be submitted to Wiltshire Council Planning Department:.  Details of these applications can be viewed in full on Wiltshire Council's website:


Please note that from 1st August 2017, Seend Parish Council will no longer receive paper copies of any planning applications in its Parish.   We will be given the link to the planning application so that we can look on-line.



Application Ref: 20/02068/TPO

Site Location: Seend Park, High Street, Seend,

Proposal:-  30% Crown Reduction and Crown Raise to 4 Meters from Ground Level to 2 Lime Trees


Comments to be received by:  8 April 2020  



Application Ref: 20/02460/TPO

Site Location: Seend House, High Street, Seend SN12

Proposal: GI – 7 x lime trees – reduce height by 30% & crown lift to 5cm

T1 – Holly tree – fell


Comments by: 7 April 2020




Application Ref: 20/02213/FUL

Site Location: agricultural land, Park Farm, Seend Cleeve SN12 6PX

Proposal: Erection of one four bed self build house and 10 affordable houses.


Comments by: 07 May 2020



Anyone wishing to submit a comment on line should go on to Wiltshire Council planning page and put in the application reference number.   There is then a place to submit a comment.     I would advise that you keep checking the website to make sure your comment has been uploaded. Chase them if it has not been.


Please also send a copy of your comment to Seend Parish Council.    The clerk will then ensure that all Parish Councillors see  your comments before they discuss the application.


As there are no parish council meetings for the forseeable future due to the COVID19 lockdown, the parishi council will discuss and vote on this application via a virtual on-line meeting.   More details to follow.


Please look at the guidance notes below to see how to make a comment.




Guidance Notes for commenting on planning applications:  


Please click on the link for guidance on what material considerations can be used to comment on a planning application:










Seend Parish Council approved a Pre Planning protocol giving guidelines on how the Parish Council should respond to planners seeking early engagement on proposed housing developments.    The protocol contained 10 commitments for effective pre-application engagement.   Place Studios advised that it was good practice to have a protocol in place ready for when the Parish Council might be approached by developers.
























CTIL 124081 Consulation Letter to Cllr J. Seed CTIL 124081 Pre Con Drawings CTIL 124081 Consultation Plan v.6 Material-Planning-Considerations Seend Parish Pre-App Protocol (NPPF2018)