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Planning Applications


Listed below are planning applications in Seend Parish, and the date by which observations should be submitted to Wiltshire Council Planning Department:.  Details of these applications can be viewed in full on Wiltshire Council's website:


Please note that from 1st August 217, Seend Parish Council will no longer receive paper copies of any planning applications in its Parish.   We will be given the link to the planning application so that we can look on-line.




Planning Application for Single Pitch Traveller site on A361


Application Ref: 17/08217/FUL

Site Location: Land at A361 Blossom Hill Trowbridge Road Seend

Grid Ref: 393553 160530

Proposal: Change of use of land with associated ancillary development to single traveller pitch.


Registration Date: 14 September 2017

Comments by: 19 October 2017



The Parish Council, at its meeting on 26th September voted to oppose this planning application.  It is in the process of formulating a robust response which will be submitted to Planning.  


If you are minded to oppose the planning application, please do so on planning grounds.   Anyone can respond, even more than one person from the same address.   We need as many people to respond to this application as possible.


The Parish Council has produced a draft letter that parishioners can use by cutting and pasting the contents into their own word document.


Click on the link here:    



You can comment on-line.   Google Wiltshire Council Planning and then click on search by number.   Key in the Planning Application reference and it will then take you to all the plans and a comments document to complete on-line.




Application Ref: 17/09226/FUL

Site Location: 52 Seend Cleeve Seend Melksham Wiltshire SN12 6PY

Proposal: Conversion of an existing barn within the garden of the property to create studio.


Registration Date: 29 September 2017

Comments by: 1 November 2017



Application Ref: 17/09298/FUL

Site Location: The Barge Inn, Seend Cleeve

Proposal: Proposed Covered Dining Area and associated works.  Replacement LPG tank compound and associated car park works.


Registratiion Date: 

Comments by:  1 November 2017



Application Ref: 17/09733/TCA

Site Location: Elm Cottage Seend Hill Seend SN12 6RU

Proposal: Beech Trees - reduce to 6 feet.


Registration Date: 5 October 2017

Comments by:  2 November 2017



Application Ref: 17/10191/TCA

Application for Work to Trees in a Cons Area

Site Location: Manor Field, High Street, Seend, Melksham, SN12 6NU

Proposal:-  Horse Chestnut - Remove 2 lower branches

Ash tree - Remove 1 lower branch


Comments by:  15 November 2017  



Application Ref: 17/10189/TCA    

Application for Work to Trees in a Cons Area

Site Location: Wisteria Cottage, High Street, Seend, SN12 6NU

Proposal:-  Yew, Cypress & Holly trees - cut back overhang into neighbouring garden


Comments by:  15 November 2017  



Application Ref: 17/09986/FUL

Site Location: 15 Dial Close, Seend SN12 6NP

Proposal:-  Proposed New Access following demolition of existing detached garage, New Dwelling and New Detached Garage


Comments by:  16 November 2017  




































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