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Unitary, Town and Parish Council elections will take place on Thursday 6 May 2021 for all the seats in the respective councils. 

Seend Parish has been affected by the recent electoral review of the Wiltshire Council unitary division boundaries conducted by the Local Boundary Commission for England.  This means that the old division of Seend and Summerham will no longer exist and Seend Parish will be moving into a new ward known as Devizes Rural West Division which will come into effect for the May 2021 elections. The Statement of Persons has been published.  The attachment below lists the candidates who have been nominated.   As there are only 8, Seend will have an uncontested election.

Wiltshire Council local authority area is divided into 98 areas known as divisions and each is represented by one Councillor.  All 98 seats will become vacant for May 2021 elections.    

Police and Crime Commissioner election will also take place on 6th May.   This should have taken place in May 2020, but because of Covid19 was put back a year.   Police and Crime Commissioners (PCC) are elected for a four-year term to oversee how crime is tackled in a police force area. Their aim is to reduce crime and ensure the police are effective.  

Neighbourhood Plan Referendum - A referendum relating to the Seend Parish Neighbourhood Plan will be held on 6 May 2021.

The question which will be asked in the referendum is ‘Do you want Wiltshire Council to use the neighbourhood plan for Seend to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area?’  Please go to NP page of this website for more information.

Further information on all elections, how to register to vote, postal voting and becoming a councilor can be found on the following website link below: