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1921 - 2021

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New Planning Applications

New Applications will appear below until the comments deadline has passed:

Application Ref: 21/02382/TCA

Site Location: 17 Dial Close, Seend, SN12 6NP

Proposal:-  H1 - Trim hedges (as pictured) to control size and re-establish shape

H2 - Reduce section of Laurel hedge (as pictured) in height by approximately one third, approximately to the height of the neighbours gutter

H3 - Remove section of Laurel hedge which comes out towards Hawthorn tree (see picture) to as close to ground level as possible.

Retain section which runs along the boundary

T4 - Crown reduce Hawthorn tree by approximately 1.5m,

Comments by 2nd April 2021


Application Ref: 21/02524/TCA

Site Location: 1 Somerset Close, Seend SN12 6QH

Proposal: Cherry tree - feel because it is too close to the boundary and is pushing over the fence which is our neighbours' responsibility. They now wish to replace the fence and the tree is in the way. This tree will be replaced with a smaller but semi mature ornamental tree planted further away from the fence line and to maintain screening.

 Comments by: 16 April 2021


Application Ref: PL/2021/03269

Site Location: Cleeve House, Trowbridge Road, Seend

Proposal: T1 Oak reduce away from building, overall crown reduction of approx 25%

Comments by: 21/04/2021