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Roads and Transport


There are two A classified roads that run through the Parish, both of which run in an East-West orientation.  The A365 which connects Melksham and Devizes and the A361 which connects Trowbridge and Devizes and runs through the centre of the village (The High Street).  They both join Seend Fork on the Western edge of the village and carry traffic onward towards Devizes.  The A361 is the longest 3-digit "A" road in the UK at 195 miles running from Ilfracombe, N Devon, to the village of Kilsby in Northamptonshire.  The A365 is designated as the local lorry route to try and minimise the impact of Heavy Goods Vehicles on Seend High Street.  The only road running in the North-South orientation is the C20, classified as a tertiary road, which runs from the Redstocks junction on the Bath Road to Market Lavington.

‚ÄčThe 2011 Parish Appraisal touched lightly on traffic issues.  Comments were received about speed limits, HGV weight restrictions and traffic speed.  At the 2015 Parish Plan consultation meeting almost 40 individual points were raised concerning parish traffic issues.  The comments were highly weighted towards issues concerning HGV traffic, general traffic speeds and parking, particularly in School Road.

‚ÄčIn 2016, the Seend Parish Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group (SPNPSG) appointed a Traffic Sub-Committee (TSC).  Following a public consultation workshop on 9th June 2016, the  TSC produced and interim draft and then a final report.  The final report, dated February 2017, can be downloaded here: