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Melksham Bypass

On these pages you will find information relating to the proposals and consultation process for the Melksham bypass.    This will be kept up to date as more information becomes available.  

A350 Melksham Bypass Consultation

Wiltshire Council is currently exploring the potential case for a new bypass to take the A350 around Melksham, and is seeking the views of residents, businesses and other stakeholders on the progress so far, and the various proposed route options.

The A350 is one of the most important routes within Wiltshire.  It is a primary north-south route with regional significance connecting the south coast (the port of Poole in particular) with the M4 and onwards to Bristol and the Midlands. In Wiltshire it passes around the principal settlements of Chippenham and Trowbridge via the town of Melksham and neighbouring village of Beanacre, and on to Westbury and Warminster.  At Melksham, the A350 serves multiple functions.  It is not only the main north-south route through the town, but also the main east-west through route (between A365 Western Way and Bath Road). It also provides access to the town centre and retail developments along the A350 itself for local traffic.

It has been a long standing priority for the council to improve north-south connectivity along the A350, but to also recognise the important local function that the existing route serves at Melksham, and issues such as journey time delays and poor reliability, accidents, severance and noise and air quality.

Wiltshire Council has developed an dedicated web page which contains background information regarding the project, which can be accessed via the following link:-

The 2nd public consultation has just been launched on the shortened list of route options, namely route 10c.     The consultation period runs from 24th June to 8th August.   Ways to comment: complete the on-line survey or email or post your response.

The Major Highway Projects Team