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The Parish Council is notified by Wiltshire Council of all new planning applications in Seend Parish.    The applications are discussed and voted on at the following Parish Council meeting providing the deadline date for comments allows, otherwise the planning sub-committee may make the decision.   The views of the Parish Council are then submitted to Wiltshire Council.   Whilst the Parish Council may vote on whether to approve or oppose an application, it is ultimately Wiltshire Council who make the final decision.  

From the drop down lists, you will find the list of all new applications with the deadline date for comments.  There is also a list of older applications and their status.   Both these lists are updated regularly.  Details of these applications can be viewed in full on Wiltshire Council's planning website.   Click on the link to take you to the planning portal and search by the planning reference number or address.   You can complete an on-line comments form.

Members of the Parish who have strong views on an application can also submit their comments to the Parish Council via the Clerk.   They can even request to speak at the PC meeting, provided the request is made 7 days ahead of the meeting.