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Consultation Information

NEWS UPDATERoute 10d has now been dropped from the shortened list of route options and Route 10C is the favoured route2nd public consultation has been launched at the Melksham Area Board on 23rd June.  The consultation period runs from 23rd June to 8th August.  The 2nd public consultation pack can be found on the dedicated website below:

To enable people to find out more about the scheme and ask questions, the council is also holding two online engagement sessions, on Tuesday 6 July at midday, and Tuesday 13 July at 6pm. People can pre-book attendance for these sessions on the Wiltshire Council website and also ask questions in advance to be answered at the events.

The webpage provides access to the various information packs covering areas such as:-

  • A350 route & need for the scheme
  • Objectives & assessment criteria
  • Key physical constraints & full range of options
  • Route information
  • Emerging findings
  • Potential for complementary walk & cycling improvements