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List of Seend Parish Councillors

Councillor positions and contact details

Title Name Tel: Email


Mr Terry James

01380 828358

Vice Chairman

Mrs Anita Heatley

01380 828491


Mrs Georgina A'Bear

01380 828288


Dr Pam Akerman

01380 828969


Mrs Carol Dickinson

07403 303603


Mrs Jackie Hamblin

01380 828171


Mrs Bridget Johnstone

07725 183392


Mr William Lack

07717 363544


Mr Phil Springate

01380 828294


Mr John Williams

01380 828965


Mr Martin Wiltshire

01380 828622

Parish Councillor Roles

External bodies reps and Committees Councillors

CATG (meeting every 3 months)

Mr Terry James

Devizes Area Board (meetings 4 x a year)

Mr John Williams and Mrs Pam Akerman

Lye Field Representative

Mr John Williams

Community Centre PC Representative

Mr Terry James

Police Liaison

Mrs Anita Heatley

Planning Sub-Committee

Mrs Georgina A;Bear, Mrs Anita Heatley, Mr Terry James and Mr Phil Springate

Precept Committee

Mrs Georgina A'Bear, Mr Terry James, Mrs Anita Heatley, Mr Martin Wiltshire and Mr William Lack

Parish Steward

Mr John Williams and the Clerk

Street Furniture Inspection/Maintenance Officer

Mr John Williams and the Clerk

Highways Sub-Committee

Mr Terry James, Mrs Pam Akerman, Mr John Williams and Mr Martin Wiltshire

Neighbourhood Plan

Mrs Georgina A'Bear, Mrs Pam Akerman

Seend CL&AT Rep

Mr William Lack

Flood Plan Committee

Mr Terry James, Mrs Georgina A'Bear, Mr John Williams, Mr Martin Wiltshire and the Clerk

Footpath Liaison Officer

Mrs Jackie Hamblin

Seend Parish's Wiltshire Council representative

County Councillor Contact Details

Councillor Tamara Reay

Tel: 07711 0824864