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Transparency Requirements have been introduced to ensure that all Parish and Town Councils comply with a Transparency Code of Practice.   This code requires councils with an income of under £25,000 to publish certain information on a freely accessible website.  The following financial information has to be published.

  • Approved Annual Governance and Accounting Return (AGAR) plus any annexed documents
  • Internal Auditors Report
  • Accounting Statements as prepared by our Accountants  
  • Income and Expenditure spreadsheet (P&L)
  • A list of all expenditure over £100

At the end of each financial year, the Parish Council has to complete an Annual Return.  Our Accounting and Governance is subject to an internal audit and where the income and expenditure is over £25,000, an external audit has to be undertaken.   If our income is below £25,000, then the Parish Council can apply for an exemption for the External Audit.   During the auditing period, members of the Parish can exercise their rights to inspect the accounts files by contacting the Clerk. 

From the drop down list of the Accounts page, you will find the Accounting documents for the last five years.