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With the rapid spread of Coronovirus that is going to accelerate in the coming weeks, we as a community will need to think about the more vulnerable in our parish and how we can support those who may be on their own and may need extra help if they become ill.  So please check in on any vulnerable family, friends and neighbours.  Sometimes just helping them with their shopping and checking they have everything they need can make a big difference.  If you know someone who is self-isolating, contact them by phone or text to check that they are ok.   If you are self-isolating yourself and are on your own, please make sure you have let family, friends or neighbours know so they can offer help if needed.   But please follow the health guidelines in order to protect yourselves and prevent the spread of the virus.


Wiltshire Council has produced a COVID-19 Community Pack which contains useful contact numbers and websites for advice, etc.  Please click on this link.









If you are self isolating, you are not alone.  There is a number to call if you need help.

01225 809265.    Email:     Please see leaflet:







Other useful websites are as follows:











Road Works affecting Seend



Seend High Street was resurfaced on Weds 13th May and swept several times the following day.    Please note, this is not finished.   There will be a final top coat of lock chip to seal the road surface so that it will look black.    In the  meatime, despite the sweeping, there is still a lot of loose stones on the road and footways.   Drivers are urged to drive slowly.  There are warning signs about.


The same has taken place on the A361 between Seend Head and the Strand.   This too will have a final top coat.


They will complete the Lockchip on Friday 5th June and Saturday 6th June. The works will be completed under Stop and Go so the road will not be closed.


Community Governance Review –Update


Please see attached draft recommendations from the CGR committee.




Metro Count, High Street, Seend - Results



Click on link for results



Comparison of Metro Counts between High Street and Sells Green






All residents are urged to respond to the Seend Neighbourhood Plan Consultation Documents:  Please click on the link below to take you to their website:




For any highways, rights of way, environmental or any other issues affecting the village, please contact the Clerk, or you can report the problem directly to the relevant department at Wiltshire County Council by using their MyWiltshire on-line reporting service.


Copy and paste the link into your google search bar to find out how to report an issue using the My Wiltshire on-line reporting system, and follow the guidelines.  If in doubt please contact the Clerk.


For further details click here:







All of Wiltshire's household recycling centres (HRCs), bar Stanton St Quintin, will reopen on Monday 18 May with an easy to use postcode entry system to help limit the number of people on site at any time and ensure social distancing


See attached details:




The times below are not applicable.    See above link to current times.


Winter Opening hours (1 Nov-31 March)  10am - 4pm  - Mon, Thurs, Fri, Sat and Sun

Summer Opening hours (1 April-31 Oct)   9am-4pm -  Mon, Thurs, Fri, Sat and Sun

Closed Tuesdays and Wednesdays


Full Details of All Recycling Centres Opening Hours









Please click on the link below for the current timetable.







Mobile Library Visits - January–September 2020


Seend The Lye  09.40-10.00

Seend Cleeve  10.05-10.25

Bulkington The Well 11.05-11.30


Monday 6th January                          Monday 3d Feb

Monday 2nd March                            Monday April






Please click on the link below for a summary of the recent Village Appraisal.









Community Police News


Members of our Community Policing Team will be in the village on a regular basis, to answer questions, queries or concerns you may have:


PCSO 6039 Janet Gould

Mobile 07471029772



Divisional Headquarters, Hampton Park West, Semington. SN12 6QQ    


All Wiltshire Police Enquiry Offices Have Temporarily Closed Following New Social Distancing Advice


All Wiltshire Police enquiry offices have been temporarily closed in a move to protect both the public and our officers and staff.


The decision has been made following the latest Government advice on social distancing and staying at home as part of the ongoing fight against coronavirus.


However, we want people to be reassured that they will still be able to contact us through a variety of means, including the 999 emergency and 101 non-emergency numbers, our website, and using the yellow phones positioned outside our enquiry offices.


The temporary closure will also include the police desks within the front counter services at our shared premises at Monkton Park, in Chippenham, and Bourne Hill, in Salisbury.


At the moment, the Wiltshire Council enquiry offices at these sites will remain open as a necessary contact point for vulnerable people.


Police and Crime Commissioner for Swindon and Wiltshire Angus Macpherson said: "The Government advice is clear - all non-essential social interactions need to stop, and one way that we as a police force can help with that, is by introducing these temporary closures.


"Footfall at our enquiry offices has fallen dramatically in recent days, and there are a number of other, more appropriate ways that people can contact the police at this time.


"Calling us or visiting the Wiltshire Police website is safer for everyone. Not only will it keep the public safe, but it will allow us to redeploy those staff who usually work on a front counter, to a more critical role."


Chief Constable Kier Pritchard said: "I want to reassure people that this is a temporary measure and I hope people will see that we have made this decision for very practical and safety-conscious reasons.


"This will not impact our visibility in your communities. Our police stations are still running as normal, and you will continue to see our Community Policing Teams out and about on patrol and responding to 999 and 101 calls.


"I want to thank you all for you continued support for Wiltshire Police. These are unprecedented times, and I know there will be challenges and uncertainty ahead, but we are committed to providing the very best service to the communities of Swindon and Wiltshire."


Anyone who has a pre-arranged, essential appointment at a police station can attend as normal, but use the yellow phone outside to alert an officer or member of staff.





















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